About Us


ProbTech Innovations, S.L. designs and manufactures advanced photonic instruments, including spectrometers, microscopes and fiber optics probes, for R&D applications. Our photonics technology can be employed for numerous Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Forensic, Environmental, Defense industry and Food packaging industry applications.
Our staff includes highly-trained professionals in the fields of photonics, spectroscopy, biotechnology and software development.
We are based in the province of Bizkaia, Spain, and gather more than 20 years of international experience in the USA, UK, Germany, Korea, and India.


Laser Sources: 1064nm, 785nm, 532nm, 404nm.

Detectors: InGaAs and Si

Fiber Optical Probes

Raman Spectrometers

Raman Microscopes

 We design and manufacture:
Fiber optic probes
Confocal microscopy instruments
Confocal spectroscopy instruments
Light sheet imaging instruments
Spectrometer and Microscope accessories


Point-of-care Diagnostics
The optical fiber based probes we design can be integrated with endoscopes, Otoscopes and Arthroscopes. References: 1 & 2.
Analysis of pharmaceutical preparations

Detect differences between genuine and spurious pharmaceutical preparations like Trimethoprim, Aspirin, Ciprofloxacin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and co-amoxiclav. Reference: 3

Detect gasoline adulteration

Our technology can detect adulteration in gasoline in real time and is cost effective. Reference: 4

Ultralow detection of concentration in analytes

We design spectrometers to detect traces and ultralow concetration of analytes in your sample of interest. Reference: 5

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