Raman Microscpectroscopy System

The uRaman-Ci is a complete Raman Microspectroscopy System that consists of the uRaman-M module being integrated with the Nikon Ci-L research grade upright microscope. In addition to micro-Raman and bright field microscopy, the uRaman-Ci can also be equipped with other multimodality imaging capabilities such as reflected bright field, dark field scattering, DIC, polarization and fluorescence imaging. We also have a full range of Nikon Objective Lens and accessories such as dark enclosure, cuvette holder for measuring liquid samples, for you to choose from. uRaman-Ci can also be equipped with a XY motorized stage and uSoft Map software for Raman chemical mapping.

Raman Microspectroscopy provided by uRaman-Ci is a non-destructive technique with minimum sample preparation required. The sample that can be investigated are bulk materials such as polymer, ceramic and nanomaterials such as 2D materials such as graphene or monolayer of MoS2. As SERS platform is getting popular amongst R&D in research and industrial, metallic nanoparticles in solution or supporting surface is ideal for Raman micro-spectrometer. Some biological samples such as blood, tissue and cell are suitable for Raman spectroscopy with using the correct laser excitation wavelength. Liquid samples such as in solution, solvent, oil can be measured with both micro uv vis and Raman micro spectrometer with our cuvette holder.

uRaman-Ci model, a high performance Raman Microspectroscopy, is an excellent analytic tool for universities research and teaching labs, research institutes as common facilities, and quality control for various industrials worldwide. We offer customization and innovative solution to fulfil our customer requirements.

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